Walmart’s Tire Warranty Explained 2023 (Cost, Coverage + More)

Do you want Walmart tires? You’re in luck! Walmart’s tire warranty covers replacements and repairs for the tire’s lifetime. How much is Walmart’s tire warranty? What’s warranted? Fees, coverage, and more are covered in this blog post. Let’s begin!

What Is Walmart Tire Warranty?

Walmart provides two types of tire warranties to help motorists safeguard their tires. This includes the Road Hazard Warranty and the Lifetime Balance and Rotation Warranty offered by Walmart.

This is an optional protection and maintenance service provided by Walmart. These plans may differ in coverage and cost, but both cover the tires for their entire useful lives as long as you continue to use them. In addition, the plans are highly affordable and can save you money over time. Related: Does Walmart Pay Weekly? (Essential Information 2023)

What Is Walmart’s Road Hazard Tire Warranty?

Walmart’s Road Hazard Warranty repairs and replaces tires damaged by potholes, nails, and glass. It covers the first 25% of tire tread. Walmart will replace your damaged tires with the same or similar ones.

Walmart will only not cover damage caused by negligent driving. Walmart won’t fix your tire if you hit something on the road.

Walmart Auto Care Centers offer this coverage when you buy tires. Each tire costs $10 or $40 for all four. Prices vary by location, so check with Walmart for the exact price.

What Is Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Tire Warranty?

Walmart’s Lifetime Balance and Rotation Warranty maintains tire health. Balancing and tire rotation is free with this warranty. Instead, Walmart will pay. Drivers who want to maximize tire life should choose this plan.

Walmart Auto Service Centers offer this coverage. Given the scope, $14 per tire or $40–50 per car is a bargain. Remember that your location may affect the cost. Related: Walmart Coinstar Machine? (The Whole Truth)

How Long Is Walmart’s Tire Warranty Good For?

Both of Walmart’s tire warranties are good for the whole life of your tires, which is a good thing.

The coverage plan will be honored if you keep and use only Walmart tires. But Walmart won’t pay for anything if you change your mind and switch tires. So, if you want to switch tire brands, remember that you will need to buy a new coverage plan.

Are There Any Restrictions?

It would help if you met a few conditions to use one of Walmart’s tire warranties.

First, you have to be the one who buys the tires from Walmart. Also, you must own the car on which these tires are put.

Walmart also wants you to have all of the paperwork and documents about the tires. This includes the original receipts or bills, records of installation, and other warranty papers. Related: Does Walmart Price Match? (Updated 2023)

Lastly, Walmart will only pay for repairs or replacements if something covered by the warranty caused the damage.

Is Walmart’s Tire Warranty Worth It?

The answer depends on your driving habits, needs, and budget.

Walmart offers excellent tire warranties. This is especially true for older cars that need tire maintenance. Walmart provides a more generous and cost-effective tire warranty than other retailers. After all, Walmart tire warranties are rare.

Driving needs determine the answer. Walmart’s tire warranties are excellent if you drive on dangerous roads or need frequent tire rotations and balancing.

How Do I File a Tire Warranty Claim at Walmart?

Walmart Auto Care Centers can process Walmart tire warranty claims.

You must present receipts and installation records upon arrival. Walmart will inspect your tires for warranty eligibility.

Walmart will provide repair or replacement instructions if your claim is approved.

Contact Walmart customer service to make an appointment with a Walmart Auto Care Center representative. That way, you’ll know everything and spend less time in lines.

Can I Return Walmart Tires?

Walmart accepts tire returns, thankfully. Walmart Auto Care Centers will get tires returned within 90 days with the original receipt and tags.

Walmart does not accept used tire returns. If you installed Walmart tires on your car, Walmart can’t get them.

Walmart Auto Care Center management decides. They will approve or deny your claim.


Walmart’s tire warranty covers and protects car tires. Walmart tires have lifetime road hazards and balance and rotation warranties. Walmart’s tire warranty is a cost-effective way to protect your car tires.

This blog post helped. Thanks for reading!