McDonald’s worker slams fresh-fry demanders

A McDonald’s worker expressed her frustration at customers demanding fresh fries from the establishment, causing some controversy on social media.

TikTok is a platform that’s full of hacks customers can utilize in fast food establishments to get cheaper deals. There are also many videos showing fans how to recreate popular food items. For example, fast food expert Jordan demonstrated how to make Aunty Anne’s Pretzel Bites for only five dollars.

With the exponential price increase in these formerly cheap restaurants, it’s understandable that people would want to grab themselves a bargain.

However, a McDonald’s worker has slammed customers who try to get “fresh fries” every time. This comes from a popular TikTok hack that encouraged customers to order their fries without salt, prompting workers to make a fresh, unsalted batch.

In the video’s, TikTok’s Grace states, “If you go to McDonald’s and ask for no salt on your fries just to get them fresh, and then ask for a handful of salt packets, you are the worst kind of customer. Just ask us to make them fresh.”

It seems as though many McDonald’s advocates agree with Grace. In another TikTok video that gained 32,300 views on the very first day, Chef Mike, who regularly shares inside knowledge, prompted:

“Yes, this is a great strategy if you want fresh fries. However, the fries are usually regularly cooked, so they’re supposed to not be too old, but… You can just ask, ‘Hey, I’m willing to wait; can I have some fresh fries?’”

Commenters weighed in on the “fresh fries” debate.

The viral video has since gone on to collect over 81,000 views and has sparked some debate on the platform.

One contended that ordering them without salt was beneficial, stating, “Most places would just reheat them for a couple of seconds; if you ask without salt, you make sure they really made them.”

Another concurred, “You get paid to do what we say; if you don’t like it, go work another job. Lazy.” Grace responded, saying, “Lmao, not enough. If you just want them fresh, tell us.”

One commenter proclaimed, “I’m going to start being the worst kind of customer now.”

However, many were offended by the video for totally different reasons. One McDonad’s fan claimed, “I always ask for no salt because I don’t want the salt. Y’all put way too much salt on them.” Many were quick to agree, stating, “I ask for no salt because’ I don’t like salt.”

Whether customers agree or not, the controversial video has clearly sparked a debate.

Another TikTok star went viral in October when she shared how to get cheap meals every time you visit McDonald’s.