Caterpillar’s Mission and Vision Statements 2023: An Analysis

Caterpillar’s Mission and Vision. World-leading diesel and natural gas engine, industrial gas turbine, and diesel-electric locomotive company Caterpillar serves the construction and mining industries. Mission and vision statements drive the company’s operations and decision-making, ensuring its success. Integrity, excellence, teamwork, and respect for people are central to Caterpillar’s goal and vision.

Caterpillar’s objective is “to enable economic growth through infrastructure and energy development and to provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet.” The company’s mission stresses sustainability, environmental care, and social responsibility. Caterpillar aims “to be the global leader in customer value.” The company’s aim is to be the best in the business by offering new products and services at great value.

Caterpillar’s goal and vision are more than words—they shape its culture and operations. The company’s great customer satisfaction, strong financial success, and many honors demonstrate its dedication to its goal and vision. Caterpillar’s goal and vision statement guides its growth and performance, ensuring it continues to provide excellent value to customers, workers, and stakeholders.

Caterpillar was started in 1925, and today, it is thought to be the best company in the world for making heavy construction equipment. It was founded in 1925 and is also known as CAT. Since then, it has grown steadily and is now a top business with a wide range of business operations and other financial services. See also: British Airways Mission and Vision Statements 2023

MISSION Statement

“Providing the best value to the customers and growing a profitable business while developing and rewarding people Additionally, encouraging social responsibility is the mission statement that CAT (Caterpillar) adopts.

The statement can be divided into two main components.

  • Services that are distinguished from each other
  • Improvement of the communities

Caterpillar’s Mission and Vision

One of the main things that CAT tries to ensure is that their machines are perfectly designed, leaving little to no room for errors. CAT also provides insurance to its customers while adding additional services to top it off. The second component ensures its services will help develop and grow individuals employed under CAT.

Vision Statement

“Becoming the global leader in terms of customer value” is the vision statement of CAT, and undoubtedly, CAT has positioned itself to achieve that vision, as apparent by the position CAT currently occupies in the industry.

The vision statement can be separated into two parts:

  • Becoming the Global Leader
  • Providing value for customers

CAT has adopted a marketing approach that is unique among its competitors. Not only do they provide machinery with good build quality, but their marketing also allows them to ensure that people around the globe know about their attention to quality. The strategy here is to focus first on customer satisfaction. This has permitted CAT to come this far and will likely stay the same.

Core Values Analysis

The core values of CAT are excellence, commitment, integrity, teamwork, and sustainability.

CAT has always remained consistent in its mission and vision statements. The core values mentioned above are the code of conduct for Caterpillar that they have maintained with their stakeholders, transforming the corporation into a mammoth in its industry.


What is the CAT motto?

Caterpillar’s motto is “Let’s Do the Work.”

What is Caterpillar best known for?

CAT is the leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment. Some highlights are natural gas engines, diesel engines, turbines, etc.

What is Caterpillar’s business model?

CAT’s business model is to manufacture and sell construction-related machines worldwide.