Blue Apron Mission Statement 2023 | Blue Apron Mission & Vision Analysis

Blue Apron Mission Statement. Blue Apron is a meal kit delivery service that has been making waves in the culinary world since its inception in 2012. The company has gained a reputation for its innovative approach to meal planning and its commitment to providing high-quality ingredients to its customers. But what exactly is Blue Apron’s mission and vision, and how do they align with its overall strategy?

In this blog post, we will analyze Blue Apron’s mission and vision statements in-depth. We will explore the company’s values and goals and how they have influenced its growth and success. We will also examine how Blue Apron’s mission and vision statements compare to its competitors and how they have helped the company stand out in a crowded market.

By the end of this post, you will better understand Blue Apron’s mission and vision and how they have contributed to the company’s success. Whether you are a potential customer or simply interested in successful companies’ business strategies, this analysis will undoubtedly provide valuable insights into one of the most innovative and exciting companies in the meal kit delivery industry.

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Blue Apron strives “to make incredible home cooking accessible to everyone.” (Blue Apron, 2019). We think home-cooked meals with family and friends show our values and love. We need food to survive. Some people appreciate testing new ingredients, methods, or recipes, but they’re unavailable. Finding reliable recipes is time-consuming, complex, and expensive.

Therefore, Blue Apron’s founders provided recipes and pre-portioned recipes to fill this gap. Food preparation is all clients need. You can also get prepared meals from them. Blue Apron consumers get healthful, high-quality food with this concept. Checkout: What is the Best Payroll Software for Your Business?

The component in the mission statement is:

  • Make home cooking accessible to everyone.

Blue Apron Mission Statement

Blue Apron aims to make home-cooked meals accessible to all. Each week, the Company provides hundreds of thousands of consumers with prepared meals, pre-measured components, and recipes for healthy, tasty home dinners. The Company provides several healthy and tasty cooking methods, flavors, and ingredients. The Company works with farmers to assure fresh, wholesome food.

Their business approach guarantees farmers a market. Blue Apron promoted their brand with Weight Watchers (Seal, 2019). Blue Apron said the partnership would offer a rotating selection of Weight Watchers Freestyle meals to promote healthy habits.

Lee (2016) found Blue Apron to be the cheapest for delivered meals. Blue Apron offers two-person and family programs. First plan costs $59.94 for three meals per week, family plan with four serves for two meals costs $69.92, and four meals per week costs $139.84. These dishes contain proteins, certain oils, raw produce, spices, and other elements.

The review rated four of six recipes “very good,” the rest “good.” Some meals were described as “fresh” and “nice” in taste and texture, while others were “nothing special” and “slightly tough” (Lee, 2016). Another customer said they appreciated certain dishes better after utilizing Blue Apron recipes (Kell, 2016). Customers learn how to cook from provided recipes and measured ingredients. Such reviews demonstrate that Blue Apron has succeeded in making home-cooked meals accessible to all.

Blue Apron began in 2012 when Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak tested their initial recipes in New York (Blue Apron, 2019). The three gave the first Blue Apron boxes to friends and family, who were impressed. They wanted everyone to cook using fresh vegetables and unique ingredients.

Blue Apron served over 8 million meals to home chefs nationwide by 2016. The company has thousands of personnel in numerous offices to provide weekly quality services and products.

Blue Apron is popular because it lets customers try various foods at a moderate cost. The Blue Apron food delivery service has options and bundles for everyone. The Company provides meal ingredients, recipes, and services. Blue Company buys wholesale and delivers ingredients in eco-friendly packaging.

Their services save time and effort when planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. Blue Apron delivers a variety of meals each week based on your recipe and ingredients. They send vegan, vegetarian, full, and culturally diverse meal kits that are easy to prepare.

Some Blue Apron competitors offer food, but the company partners with other groups to ensure healthy meals by considering fats, carbs, fiber, and calories per recipe. Blue Apron is the largest US meal delivery company because to its quality and vigor.

   NAME Blue Apron Holdings  

  FOUNDED 2012  

  HEADQUARTERS New York, New York, USA  

  SIC CODE 5963  

  STATUS Public Independent Company of NYSE  


  EMPLOYEES 1,674  


  Vision Statement

Blue Apron’s vision is “to build a better food system. We are transforming how food is produced, distributed, and consumed. We believe a better food system will benefit consumers, stockholders, and the planet, and we manage our business to benefit all three.” The vision of Blue Apron is to transform the way people think about cooking by preparing and delivering irresistible recipes made by an accomplished culinary team. 

The food items delivered to the customers give them a sense of pride when they successfully prepare delicious meals. For instance, if someone used to make spaghetti, they will celebrate their achievements if they finally learn to make spiced salmon using Blue Apron’s recipe and accurately measured ingredients. Therefore, Blue Apron makes it easy to prepare fancy meals daily.

The elements of the Blue Apron vision are:

  • Transforming the way people prepare, distribute, and consume food.
  • Creating a system that supports consumers, stockholders, and the planet through a better food system

The two elements of the vision statement illustrate the foundation of Blue Apron: creating a better food system. Blue Apron has successfully changed how people prepare, distribute, and consume food. The Company eliminates all the hassles associated with making food by doing all the hard work. Blue Apron employees source, measure, package, and mail all the necessary ingredients and information for preparing healthy meals. Food packaging is environmentally friendly and convenient for customers as it keeps food fresh. Thus, the business ensures that all stakeholders are accommodated. The market also supports other ventures, such as farmers, distribution companies, and the direct employees who work for the Company.

Core Values

Blue Apron operations must adhere to the following values:

  • Lifelong learning: The recipes distributed by Blue Apron equip the customers with cooking skills that are essential in life. A continued subscription to their services means that eventually, a person can depend on themselves to make delicious and healthy meals. The Company also has brand ambassadors and digital campaigns that educate customers (Millen, 2018).
  • Trust: The chef-designed recipes are tested before they are supplied to the clients. Testing the recipes creates a strong bond between the Company and its clients.
  • Quality: Fresh produce is sourced directly from farms, and the Company works with several other organizations to ensure that only quality and healthy products are supplied to consumers.
  • Teamwork: The Company has succeeded by collaborating with organizations and hiring professionals. Farmers are responsible for supplying fresh produce, while the chef prepares world-class recipes. Blue Apron also relies on the keenness of its customers to prepare meals as described in their recipes.

Empowerment: The services offered by Blue Apron empower people to be independent. Customers learn how to prepare meals; it is also a source of employment for people, directly or indirectly. Blue Apron empowers many.

Blue Apron Mission Statement History

Blue Apron’s mission statement remains unchanged through 2020 and 2021.