Apple SWOT Analysis – Detailed Apple SWOT Analysis

Apple Inc. is a multinational company that mainly designs, manufactures, sells and market consumer electronics and services. Apple Computer Company was founded in April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. In this SWOT analysis tutorial, we will conduct Apple SWOT analysis. We will try to find out major Apple’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that affect its performance positively or negatively.

Apple SWOT Analysis


SWOT analysis strengths are internal factors that let you overcome weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities in the external environment. Following the SWOT strengths of Apple Inc.

  • Strong brand recognition and reputation for quality
  • Loyal customer base
  • Innovative products
  • High margins
  • Strong financial performance


  • High prices
  • Reliance on a few key products
  • Closed ecosystem
  • Limited distribution network


  • Growing demand for smartphones and other smart devices
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Development of new products and services


Overall, Apple is a strong company with a bright future. However, it faces some challenges, such as increasing competition and the need to innovate to stay ahead of the curve.

Apple Strengths in SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis strengths are internal factors that let you overcome weaknesses and take advantage of opportunities in the external environment. Following the SWOT strengths of Apple Inc.

Loyal Customer Base

One of the major strengths of Apple inc. is its loyal customer base. These customers rarely switch to other mobile brands. The main reason for Apple’s loyal customer base is its unique customer experience, simplicity and innovation. Apple has an outclass of 87% brand loyalty across the US and European countries.

Brand Value and Reputation

Over the years, Apple has recognized itself as the most valuable brand globally. According to Intrabrand statistics, its brand value is $408 billion, whereas it was merely 15.98 billion U.S dollars in 2006.

Innovation and Simplicity

Simplicity is in the DNA of this company. “Apple revolutionized the business of PCs, music, telephones and Tablets because everything revolved around and searched for simplicity.” Apple products and services are simple and easy to use. Apple is always considered the most innovative company.

Though the brand is simple, its innovative product line is considered the major strength of Apple. For example, they introduced iPod, Macbook, iPhone and iPad and multiple subscription services. Every time Apple came up with innovation and simplicity.

Advertising and Marketing

Apple is considered the master of advertising since the old days of Steve Jobs. According to, Apple advertising performs better by creating a buzz about its upcoming products and upgrades. Its advertising is so powerful that creates a word-of-mouth campaign to build a better brand perception and increase the product desire.

Apple Side Business

What do you think about Apple? And the answer will be its top-notch product line iPhone, MacBook, iPad, and iMac. A few years back, Apple announced subscription-based services like Fitness+, Peloton, and Apple One bundle subscriptions ranging from $14.95 to $29.95 a month.

Apple One includes services like Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, iCloud+, Apple Care, Apple News and Apple Fitness+ According to the latest financial report, paid subscribers reached 700 million and a growing revenue of $65 billion in the year 2021.

High Profit Margin

Apple is charging premium pricing from its customers. Even with the low sales volume, it can avail high-profit margins and can invest in brand building, Research, and development activities. By doing this, Apple can increase brand awareness and embrace technological advancement to keep a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Apple Weaknesses in SWOT Analysis

Narrow Product Line

Apple product portfolio comprising 6 to 7 products. In this case, it has a limited portfolio as compared apple competitors like Dell, Samsung and Microsoft. Every product is contributing a portion to the overall revenue. Due to any reason, if a product was unable to generate its portion of revenue, it can affect apple revenue stream. A limited product line is a major weakness of Apple.

High Customer Expectations

From the beginning, Apple revolutionized the tech market and customer expectations are on top. Customers expect hardware and software updates in every updated version of Apple products and services.  It is difficult to meet these expectations all the time.

Premium Pricing

Apple Inc. is able to charge premium pricing and generate a higher profit margin. On the other hand price-conscious customers switch to other brands like Dell and Samsung with the same specs products at reasonable prices. For example, in China, India and Pakistan people are switching to android phones like Samsung due to its high specs and considerably low price.

Compatibility Issues with other Software

When you embrace the Apple product line, you are in no way out area. Its products are not compatible and do not support other platforms, software, and devices.

Its customers have to spend extra bugs on In-app purchases and accessories to enjoy their Apple products.

Apple Opportunities in SWOT Analysis

In this tutorial “SWOT Analysis of Apple” will discuss opportunities. For any business SWOT opportunities are external factors that can affect its performance. Following are the Apple Opportunities.

Apple Electric Car Project

Apple is a big player in the tech industry and always wants to fly high. The car project is known Codename “Titan” undergoing Research and Development phase. According to Wikipedia, there are rumors that Apple might enter the automobile market in 2020. Mostly Apple does not reveal any information about undergoing projects. But it is a huge opportunity for Apple to step in the Automobile industry.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 1 was introduced back in 2015 and became a bestselling wearable device. A few days back in September 2018, Apple has introduced Apple Watch Series 4, it is redesigned having more communication, fitness and health. This watch series will increase its current market share of digital watches.

Apple TV

Apple TV is another great opportunity Apple should utilize. Ruko, Amazon and Google are the strong competitors of Apple TV. So far Apple has captured on 15% share, but it should not lose this opportunity.

Distribution Network

Apple has the opportunity to expand its current distribution network. Limited distribution is a weakness for any company. It is a recommendation in Apple SWOT Analysis to expand its distribution channel reach potential customers in the global market.   

Apple Threats in SWOT Analysis

Though Apple Inc. has some great success stories. It has outstanding great numbers in financials and markets. But still, there are threats to Apple that should be tackled strategically.

Apple TV Competition

One of the strongest threats to Apple is competitors of Apple TV i.e. Amazon, Raku, NVidia, Google and many more. These streaming devices are giving Apple a tough time in the Streaming Device competitions. Apple is so far able to avail only 15% market share.

Laptop Competition

One of the key threats to Apple is Dell which is a primary computer manufacturer. Dell has introduced the best Laptop Model like XPS which is giving tough competition to MacBook. Lenovo is another competitor of Apple in the laptop segment. HP is another name that produces affordable computer products for consumers around the globe.

Smartphones Competitors

There is no doubt that Apple’s best product is iPhone but unable to dominate the market. One of the alarming threats to apple from smartphone segment is a South Korean Company Samsung which is producing Samsung Galaxy and Notes. Over the years Android Samsung has reduced iPhone sales.  Both having a tough fight but Samsung produces different types of smartphones that cover all budget levels. Other Android smartphones include Oppo, HTV, Sony Xperia. Android phones are giving a tough time to iPhone.