What happened to TikTok’s Andrew Dawson?

Andrew Dawson has become a mystery on TikTok, as the creator disappeared shortly after publishing bizarre videos on his profile. But what happened to him?

Throughout its time, several people have disappeared from social media. From big social media stars like Gabbie Hanna and Jenna Marbles to smaller creators, people always have reason to leave social media platforms.

In the case of Andrew Dawson, a popular TikToker who amassed over 56,000 followers, his disappearance has sparked a fair few questions from viewers. The questions started in May 2022 when Dawson posted a video of a “giant” standing on top of a mountain in Canada.

Dawson’s uncovering of the strange figure led him to supposed interactions with the CIA and Canadian CSIS, as well as claims he was being “stalked” after the post. He also uploaded a post entitled “I’m scared,” in which he informed viewers that they might not see him post ever again after it.

Andrew Dawson’s obituary was posted in July 2022.

Since that post, Dawson has not been seen on TikTok or any other form of social media, sparking plenty of theories about his whereabouts and millions of views funneling onto his videos.

Dawson’s last upload came on May 18th, when he once again questioned if some military operation was happening on the mountain in question.

With this being TikTok, things have gotten pretty whacky, but it seems that the full story may never be told. Dawson’s obituary was posted in the Campbell River Mirror back in July, indicating he had passed away, leaving family members behind, including children.

While some TikTokers have continued to theorize about his disappearance, claiming the videos weren’t real in the first place, plenty of others have offered their condolences about his passing.

“R.I.P. What on earth happened? So sad,” one posted. “How very sad. RIP, dear one, and thank you for what you shared and who you were,” added another. “It hurts so much. I love you, Andrew. I wish this was a dream,” another commented.