10 Drivers Jobs Opportunities At Ministry Of Lands Tanzania 2023

Driver Jobs at the Ministry of Lands, Tanzania The ministry of lands was established as a department of lands and later changed into a full ministry, which changed its name according to the functions within that specific period. The current name is Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Human Settlements Development, which encompasses the core sector departments, which are:

Land Administration, Survey and Mapping, Physical Planning, and Housing Core sector units are registration of titles, property valuation, and the District Land and Housing Tribunal.
Apart from that, the Ministry has various supporting departments and units that increase the efficiency of work in the ministry, like Administration and Human Resources Management, Finance and Accounts, Internal Audit, Legal Services, Policy and Planning, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Information-Education and Communication, and Procurement Management. The ministry has an agency dealing with housing and building materials research, a commission dealing with land use planning, and the National Housing Corporation.

The mandate of the ministry is to facilitate the effective management of land and human settlement development services for the betterment of social and economic well-being in Tanzanian society.

10 Drivers Jobs Opportunities At Ministry Of Lands Tanzania

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